Drawing Services


Inaccurate and incomplete plans for upgrades, changes, remodels, additions & landscaping can cause unwanted solutions, unexpected delays, and cost overruns.  By developing the solution graphically and getting approval from the customer prior to implementation, these problems are reduced or eliminated.

All drawings are created and/or revised in CAD software and can be transmitted electronically to customers or contractors.

Let the EFE-Services design team provide you with the complete design drawing solution for you so you know your project will be correct, on time and in budget.

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Get a better understanding of how your equipment is installed on your facility by having EFE-Services create a Roof Map for you.


In addition, by having a Roof Layout you can simplify service calls by having the knowledge of what unit is not working or causing the problems.


Kitchen and dining area maps can also be created.


Let the EFE-Services design team provide you with the roof, kitchen or dining  equipment layout.

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